3TS Newsletter December 2020

This Christmas we will continue sponsoring our three godchildren – Noraogo Sawadogo in Burkina Faso, Rakim Mohommed in Sri Lanka and Roger Josue Corrales Carcamo in Honduras – through “Plan Intermational”. Plan is a humanitarian, child centered development organisation without religious, political or governmental affiliation. (www.plan-international.org)
Dear friends,
2020 has been a challenging and extraordinary year for everyone. The Corona crisis was unprecedented and almost no one saw it coming.
We would like to thank all of our portfolio companies, fund investors and partners, as well as the 3TS team, for working exceptionally hard during this period of time to achieve key milestones in 2020 and making the most out of a difficult situation.

Here at 3TS we have received our Christmas gift early – in late November our affiliate Catalyst Romania had the 1st closing of the new Catalyst Romania Fund II, which we are beyond happy about. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen, especially during this year!
Have a lovely end of this year and even a better start into 2021.
Jasmina Henniova, Communications & Investment Manager and the 3TS team

3 Key Learnings from 2020 by Jasmina Henniova
Jasmina, Communications & Investment Manager at 3TS, put together key learnings from 2020 based on her podcasts and panel discussions with seasoned investors from the venture capital and private equity

3TS and 0100 Conferences Podcast – The Christmas Special with Pekka Mäki and Marek Zamecnik
In this Christmas Special, we talked to Managing Partner of 3TS Pekka Mäki and Founder of 0100 Conferences Marek Zamecnik. We discussed the developments in the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry over the last ten years and we peeked into the future too.

Catalyst Romania Launching Its Second-Generation Fund
Catalyst Romania, backed by 3TS Capital Partners, had the first closing of its second-generation fund. Backed by EIF and a plethora of private investors, the fund’s target size is €40m and it will continue supporting growth of technology companies in the region. Read more in the blog post of Marius Ghenea, Partner Catalyst Romania, and the official press release.


SALESmanago Onboards Top Brands like Victoria’s Secret and Taco Bell
The marketing automation software company SALESmanago is onboarding new clients and top international brands like Victoria’s Secret and Taco Bell! Adopting the Customer Data Platform and Customer Experience Platform,  the clients use SALESmanago’s AI technology to deliver personalized experiences for their customers.

Piano Listed Among the Fastest-Growing Companies in North America by Deloitte
Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ is a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America. Piano is proud to rank as 258th, with a tremendous growth rate of 458% during a multi-year period.

Omniconvert Hosted eCommerce Growth Summit – Fall Edition
On November 12 and 13, Omniconvert hosted the fall eCommerce Growth Summit, already the second edition of this event in 2020. Twenty-three well known speakers and industry veterans brought practical e-commerce strategies to the more than 4,000 attendees. All the sessions recorded can be found in the YouTube library linked above.


GP Bullhound Technology Predictions 2021
2020 has changed demand dynamics dramatically, to say the least. For some sectors adoption accelerated rapidly, while other sectors were put on hold or are in reverse. Which markets are headed where? Hear about the top 10 tech trends for 2021 and beyond.

6 Battle-Tested Tactics for Putting Your Advisors to Work in Tough Times
Downturns and challenging periods of time have come and gone before. Having board directors or advisors with  experience to manage through tough times is key in order to weather  the storm and take  advantage of new opportunities. Leverage your board directors. If you don’t have exceptional advisors, go get some, your company depends on it.

How Software Leaders Pragmatically Prepare for 2021
2021 will be an unprecedent year with more unknowns and surprises than usual. As companies finish up  annual planning, this webcast (and report) was insightful about re-allocating resources to the right areas,  implementing highly iterative planning, re-shaping products to fit into  COVID-demand trends, and having a proactive revenue-growth-office. Will your company be an observer, a survivor or an accelerator in 2021?


The whole 3TS team wants to wish you very nice holidays and happy 2021!