3 Key Learnings from the New Investment in Tosibox

By Sever Totia

This is a Big Market Indeed

We focus on backing companies with unbounded market opportunities. By 2025, there will be 6x more IoT devices than people worldwide. While many innovations leverage IoT, the bulk of IoT devices are needed in industrial, building automation, manufacturing and utility sectors, which represent a majority of legacy systems and infrastructure. Tosibox has the unique solution  for industrial clients where both old  and new IoT devices and protocols can be connected seamlessly. As more and more of these systems have begun to modernize, when they connect to the internet some of the critical issues they all face are around the security attacks and breaches we’ve seen in the headlines. If there’s any hope for bringing industrial systems into the 21st century, protection and prevention from cyber security attacks has to become part of the solution — this is a big market opportunity indeed!  

Differentiation is in the Suite

Over time, product suites have tended to win over point products in multiple market cycles. Tosibox is another case-in-pint. Many solutions and feature-specific tools for IoT security have come before Tosibox. The company meanwhile has been able to consistently win by bringing a unique combination of critical capabilities in an all-in-one suite, and, very important – Tosi is also the easiest solution to use. Especially in industrial infrastructure environments, IoT security solutions must be truly turn-key and customer ideally want one product with a suite of capabilities. It seems like Tosibox can deliver on this market opportunity. Tosibox platform is a simple way to build  a highly secure agnostic operational networks.

Yes, Innovation Can Come from Anywhere

Tosibox leverages what we at 3TS call “Engineering Europe”. Through ecosystem in Finland and in Poland, Tosibox blends the networking know-how from the telecom heavy Nordic country, with hardware best-in-class device manufacturing from Poland. The telecom background enabled the Tosibox team to build a solution that’s backwards compatible with legacy industrial infrastructure, and at the same time can handle deep network-level communications that imbedded hardened security at the core. At the future Tosibox will focus on developing software capabilities further based on new business opportunities in Enterprise environment and utilise  more 3rd party hardware by establishing  strategic alliances with  large router manufactures.