3TS Newsletter March 2023

 MARCH 2023  Dear Friends, The start of 2023 has not been short on excitement, after everyone had hoped for increased stability following a tumultuous 2022. While new world changing innovations like Generative AI take hold, the demand environment, capital raising and the credit markets (driven by SVB’s demise) have all become more difficult. We are fortunate[…]

SafeSize Raises €14M Series B Round

Vienna, 28 March, 2023 – 3TS Capital Partners, a European technology-focused growth capital investor, congratulates SafeSize on closing €14M in new financing. 3TS was one of the original institutional investors in SafeSize, a leading footwear personalization platform. The Company’s successful vision, leadership team and growth culminated in completing this new round of capital. Co-investors in[…]

3TS Newsletter December 2022

DECEMBER 2022 Dear Friends, No one could have forecasted the challenges that 2022 brought. Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine, inflation, energy crises, higher interest rates, real fears of broad based recession, and lingering effects of Covid. Building great companies is hard enough without all these obstacles. One silver lining of 2022 was being able to be[…]

3TS Newsletter November 2022

Dear Friends, As we head toward the end of Q4, we hope everyone will have a successful end to this challenging year. Beyond some exciting new investments, we are proud to see how our portfolio companies continue to reach new heights and important milestones, as you’ll see in this newsletter. Since everyone is in 2023 planning[…]

3TS Newsletter September 2022

Dear Friends, We hope all of you had a great summer and had a chance to unwind. At 3TS, while we all see headwinds and growing uncertainties, we are proud that our portfolio companies continue to scale by growing revenues 80% y-o-y on average. What an awesome achievement and congratulations to all the management teams.[…]

3TS Newsletter June 2022

Dear Friends, While summer is upon us, investors and companies will have to continue to navigate through ‘storm clouds and rough waters’ for at least the next few quarters, or longer. Through the challenging first half of 2022, it’s exhilarating to see how 3TS portfolio companies and their teams continue to accelerate growth, establish leadership[…]

3TS Newsletter May 2022

Dear Friends, Everyone in Europe and in countries around the world are in shock and condemn the war started by Russia in Ukraine. 3TS and our portfolio companies have helped in the refugee crisis directly or through many direct-aid organizations. In these tumultuous times, we look to one of our core 3TS principles for guidance[…]

3TS Newsletter February 2022

FEBRUARY 2022  Dear Friends, The holidays already feel far away in the rear-view mirror. Meanwhile, 2022 has started off with a roar. The lingering pandemic, geo-political standoffs, ongoing inflation and of course what followed, market volatility.  On the heels of a record-setting 2021, what will be in store in 2022 and how will the year[…]

3TS Newsletter December 2021

 DECEMBER 2021 Dear Friends, 2021 has been an extraordinary year for growth capital investing, and at the same time, it’s been an extremely busy, whirlwind year with many ups & downs. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, we want to take a moment to say Thank You to all our portfolio companies’ teams, our fund investors,[…]

3TS Capital Partners Exits SALESmanago to SilverTree Equity and Perwyn

Press Release Vienna, Warsaw, London, 2 December, 2021 3TS Capital Partners, a leading European growth capital investor, announced today that its portfolio company, SALESmanago has been successfully acquired by a private equity consortium composed of SilverTree Equity and Perwyn. SALESmanago is a leading SaaS no-code CDP & Marketing Automation platform. 3TS realized an exceptional return on[…]

3TS Newsletter November 2021

Dear Friends, So just as we all thought we had a chance to get past this pandemic, October and November have proven otherwise, not only with infection spikes but a potential new variant. How will 2021 end? How will 2022 unfold? No one knows exactly. Our mantra remains Stay Calm and Grow. Our companies have[…]

3TS Newsletter October 2021

Dear Friends, No one expected the majority of 2021 to be impacted by COVID, but here we are. It seems everyone has adapted to new ways to thrive at work and in life. As in-person events are returning, we held a successful Tech Lounge in Helsinki. It is impressive and humbling to see how our[…]

3TS Newsletter September 2021

Dear friends, We hope everyone had a great summer and had a chance to re-charge. At 3TS, we reached a major milestone recently by having the First Close of our new Fund IV. Everyone at 3TS is thankful to the institutional LPs that continue to entrust their capital with our investment strategy. And equally pleased to see a[…]

3 Key Learnings from the New Investment in Tosibox

By Sever Totia This is a Big Market Indeed We focus on backing companies with unbounded market opportunities. By 2025, there will be 6x more IoT devices than people worldwide. While many innovations leverage IoT, the bulk of IoT devices are needed in industrial, building automation, manufacturing and utility sectors, which represent a majority of[…]

3TS Capital Partners Announces the First Closing of Its New Fund IV

Press Release Helsinki-Vienna-Luxembourg, 15 September 2021 3TS Capital Partners, a European technology-focused growth capital investor, announces the first closing of its Fund IV with a target size of €150m. The firm’s prior multi-generation funds totaling over €300 million have made a strong, positive impact on the innovation and technology ecosystem development across Europe, by investing[…]

3TS Newsletter May 2021

Dear friends, As you might now, 3TS Capital Partners has been helping companies to expand not only in Europe but very often also to the US. With an office in Washington, D.C., we brought 15 companies into the US over the years, out of which 8 are already exited and 7 are currently active in[…]

3 Key Learnings on Entrepreneurs’ Exit Mindset

By Alina Georgescu, Investment Manager Catalyst Romania Over the last 5 years with Catalyst Romania, I have had the opportunity to take part both in making new investments and in developing our portfolio companies. Further, I have also helped some of the companies through successful exit processes, which are one of the most important processes[…]

3TS Newsletter April 2021

Dear friends, We are glad to be able to share more good news from our funds and our portfolio with you this month. What we are most excited about is that Catalyst Romania has had the second closing of its second fund and reached the target size 6 months before the deadline. On our portfolio side, new[…]

3 Key Learnings about Diversity & Inclusion

By Jasmina Henniova, Communications & Investment Manager, 3TS Capital Partners The fact that diverse teams perform better is already a well-known fact. A 2019 McKinsey study of 1000 large companies found that those in the top quartile for ethnic and racial diversity in management were 36% more likely to have financial returns above their industry[…]

3TS Newsletter March 2021

Dear friends,The first quarter of the year has been a quarter of good news for 3TS and Catalyst Romania. We have started the year with a newly launched fund and accelerated discussions with many interesting companies in the region. We have exited two portfolio companies, Green Horse Games (read a short interview with the founder[…]

3 Key Learnings for LP/GP Relationship Management

By Andreas Huber, Partner and COO, 3TS Capital Partners As COO of 3TS Capital Partners, I am among others responsible for investor relations and the day-to-day communication with our limited partners (LPs). Before joining 3TS almost six years ago, I have been an LP for more than 10 years managing the private equity program of[…]

3TS Newsletter February 2021

Dear friends, we are beyond excited to share some major EXIT NEWS with you in this newsletter issue: It has just been publicly announced that Catalyst Romania has sold its stake in mobile games developer Green Horse Games to Tencent and generated spectacular returns. You can find more information and a link to the press[…]

3TS Newsletter January 2021

Dear friends, While being in full speed in the new year already, we would still like to wish you a successful 2021. It goes without saying that the most important wish this year is for everyone’s good health and we have high hopes that 2021 will be a good year when it comes to business[…]

3 Key Things I’d like to Point Out Entering 2021

By Sever Totia As we kick off 2021, we look back at highlights and notable learnings from 2020, as well as a few strategic enablers for this year. I would like to point out several great happenings among the portfolio companies, from funds raised, to amazing growth, to notable awards or recognitions they have received.[…]

3TS Newsletter December 2020

This Christmas we will continue sponsoring our three godchildren – Noraogo Sawadogo in Burkina Faso, Rakim Mohommed in Sri Lanka and Roger Josue Corrales Carcamo in Honduras – through “Plan Intermational”. Plan is a humanitarian, child centered development organisation without religious, political or governmental affiliation. (www.plan-international.org) Dear friends, 2020 has been a challenging and extraordinary year for everyone.[…]

3 Key Learnings From 2020

By Jasmina Henniova, Communications & Investment Manager, 3TS Capital Partners I spoke with many distinguished investors and entrepreneurs this year while moderating events, podcasts, and having other discussions. Based on these conversations and my own experiences, I put together 3 main learnings from this extraordinary year, which I want to take with me to the[…]

3TS Capital Partners Newsletter Special Edition

Catalyst Romania Launches Fund II with backing of 3TS Capital Partners, EIF and Private Investors We are delighted to announce that Catalyst Romania, sponsored by 3TS Capital Partners, had the first closing of its 2nd-generation technology focused venture capital fund for Romania and the neighboring countries. It builds on the success of Catalyst Romania Fund[…]

Investing After Covid – Growth Investor Playbook

 By Artturi Tarjanne, Partner Nexit Ventures This time we invited Artturi Tarjanne, Partner at Nexit Ventures, as a guest writer and we will be looking at his key learnings on how Covid-19 affected the investment landscape and where he sees the opportunities going forward. This article is based on his original piece on the Activist[…]

3 Key Learnings on B2B Sales in Difficult Market Circumstances – “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

By Thomas R. Werner, Business Angel and Business Development Advisor, Venture Partner at 3TS Being a serial entrepreneur myself, I’ve worked with a number of founders and managers supporting them in various areas including Sales and Business Development. For this blog post, I put together the key learnings about successful sales in B2B and complex markets relevant not only in the current difficult[…]